Written, produced, and edited by Joseph Fagan in 2006. This video is almost 18 minutes in length and features the history of the Cable Road in West Orange. It was intended as a 3 part history with this being Part 1. The other segments of Parts 2 and 3 were never filmed. It features both vintage pictures and postcards and viewers will readily recognize scenes filmed on location in West Orange.

Edward A. Pearson conceived the original idea of a cable railway up the mountain in West Orange known as the Cable Road. His story is often obscured by financial troubles that plagued his Orange Mountain Cable Company. George Spottiswood was a local contractor hired by Pearson to construct the Cable Road and had not been paid. To satisfy debts incurred by Pearson and his partners nearly all the land owned by The Orange Mountain Land Company including the nearly completed Cable Road owned by The Orange Mountain Cable Company then came into possession of George Spottiswood. This video does not make mention of Edward A. Pearson and picks the story up with George Spottiswood in the interest of time.